Plumber Singapore – Toilet Clogged? How to Fix it

toilet plumber singaporeEvery household needs to fix their clogged toilet at least once in their life. Most of the time, toilet clogs are caused by excessive use of toilet paper or bad toilet construction. Unclogging it is pretty easy and all you need is a plunger and 4-5 gallon bucket.

Many people are unaware of what the inside of a toilet is. A usual toilet have drain pathways called a colon – 2 inches in diameter and connected to a 3-4 inch drain pipe in the floor. This is common in cheaper toilet designs.

The plunger should clear the clog. Upon using it, flush the toilet and pour in gallons of water. If the water level does not rise, then the drain is clear.

Make sure that you are wearing an old cloth and protective goggles when clearing the clog to avoid unnecessary events. Never use a plunger when the bowl is overflowing as it will turn into a mess.

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